Krishnananda Trobe, M.D., & Amanda Trobe, Review

Learning Love Institute Founders and Directors  
Review F'd Wide Open: The Rude Awakening of the Heart-Based New Humanity 


Krishnananda Trobe, M.D. and Amana Trobe Review F'd Wide Open, by Author Marja West.

“We are honored to write a recommendation for Marja West’s book, F’d Wide Open.  Her description of the struggle of women and men to heal from their exposure to violence and unconsciousness and how profoundly this unconsciousness has affected their sexuality is profound. 

Also, her discussion of the transformation of unconscious man to “Conscious Man Arising” and of unconscious women to empowered women parallels our own process of rising out of the depths of collective male domination driven insensitivity.  Her sharing of her own personal process as well as those of others both men and women who are healing from unconsciousness makes the book readable and heartfelt. In this journey of recovery, she also describes the divine purpose of pain, suffering, heartbreak, and gives us clear tools for creating love that is alive, and nourishing including guidelines for sacred sexuality.

She ends with an inspiring message for what she calls, ‘The Heart-Based New Humanity.’  This book can be immensely helpful for anyone, particularly couples, who seek to find a new and conscious way of living alone and together.  Bravo!”—with love, Krishnananda Trobe, M.D. and Amana Trobe, Founders and Directors of Learning Love Institute, Sedona, Arizona,


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Fd Wide Open Rude Awakening of the Heartbased New Humanity Book by Marja West

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