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Our Perception Managed Reality

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Above the clamouring of the divided masses blaming one another for their personalised and collective pain, there is the Silent Awakening and paradigm shift happening right now 

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As we move into higher frequencies and awareness, and embody our Divine Wisdom as The Heart-Based New Humanity.

—George Orwell

—Marja West


More and more of us are consciously closing the gap between our physical selves and our Divine Eternal Selves. This is the True Ascension: We are raising our energy frequencies to align, match up to, and rendezvous with our Divine Eternal Selves as Divine-In-The-Flesh.

We are taking back our power as creative Divine Beings and reclaiming our Sovereignty!

Handcuffs Opening, showing that our Sovereignty is finally becoming our own and our right as Divine Beings ~ Marja West.

More and more of us are questioning our cosmic origins, the way we live our lives, the true Nature of Reality, and the control tethers of the powers-that-wanna-be, aka the New World Order, the Illuminati, the Archons, Global Elite, or Ge—“God/Goddess eaters”—as I playfully call them, because that’s essentially what the Ge do—they instill “herding” programs that control and manipulate our Divine creative-life force light energies so that we can all be overwhelmed by the feelings of fear, dread, divisiveness, and hopelessness, which they then feast upon so they can continue leading us on this artificial, no-win battle between the so-called forces of good and evil. Anyone with a TV, a computer, cell phone, or access to consensus media is constantly exposed to this blatant manipulation of fake news propaganda that’s promulgated by pop culture—and many may call it entertaining.

There is no one dark side or light side. We are all ONE from the same Source. We’re mirrors for one another. The evil behaviours we see out in the world-at-large also resides within each and every one of us. Whether consciously or by default –we engage free-will in either acting out these atrocities, or choosing NOT to.

Normal consensus reality is yet another veil that endeavours to separate us, my beloveds.

Feel deeply into what I’m sharing, and you will know and realise the Truth that we’ve been programmed for millennia to be divisive and polarised: good-bad, happy-sad, dark-light, high-low, black-white, left brain-right brain, masculine-feminine, man-woman, gay-straight, catholic-protestant, muslim-jew, herbivore-carnivore, democrat-republican, white magic-black magic, light worker practitioner-occult practitioner, victim-perpetrator, jailer-prisoner, love-hate, war-peace, etc.

When we are divided, rather than unified—we are easily controlled, manipulated, and easily turn on one another. This divisiveness allows us to unwittingly become part of the herd herding the herd aka sheeple. The insidious control tethers operate right under our noses, out in the open.

Rather than open to the totality of existence, we seem to be doomed to take sides on everything, and then refuse to face and acknowledge our shadow tendencies.


Mind Control programs have been active for millennia to keep us all confused and divided/delighted: New Age Bullshit and The False New Age Movement would have us ignore such evils and carry on at the shopping mall or OMing out and looking good in sexy yoga clothes, while the Truth & Freedom and Conspiracy camps would have us *deal with reality* and dwell in the horror, despair, helplessness, and rage—and focus on the evils of Them.

The Four Elements, one of the oldest Alchemical & Occult aspects of harmonizing wisdom to further understand our Divine Selves and place in the Cosmos ~ Marja WestThe elite are well-educated, well-funded, adept, and knowledgeable about psychology, the art of persuasion, marketing tactics—in many ways these are the basic tenets of Satanism. They know which emotional buttons to push to incite war and hatred world-wide. They are masters of the true Nature of Reality, The Law of Attraction, Energy Mastery, etc.

Through utilising their knowledge and mastery of spiritual principles through occult practices, they know exactly how to wield these in order to generate and harvest enormous amounts of human emotion/psychic/creative energy through fear and despair, to further dis-empower those still ensnared and identified by the world-at-large.

Have a good look at the world stage with the current political~religious climate, and the in-your-face Weaponised Woundology—all laced with compelled speech, compelled thought leading to censorship of independent content creators who do not compromise their integrity to be part of any group-mind-think-do cult.

Feeling victimised, isolated, and terrified serves as food for the powers-that-wanna-be, along with the feelings of superiority and the sadistic pleasure derived from acts of violence, cruelty, and abuse of any nature—emotional, energetic, mental, physical, psychic, psychological, sexual, spiritual, technological, etc.

Take heart, beloveds, be real with your anger, consciously face it and feel it, do not suppress it. Much of the New Age Bullshit and deception would have you believe that feelings and emotions like anger, rage and frustration are low vibes and unenlightened, but the TRUTH is these energies and frequencies are powerful allies and seeds for change, allowing for peaceful forward motion and relief from feelings of fear, hopelessness, despair, and depression—all of which are low frequency emotions on The Emotional Scale, with Joy in the Number 1 spot.


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