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Our Perception Managed Reality

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Do not be fooled by New Age Bullshit and the False New Age Movement.

It can be shocking to discover that we’ve been lied to, manipulated, and programmed into believing that we’re either SPECIAL/ENTITLED or NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Which one do you relate to??

Perhaps you find yourSelf imprisoned by both—vacillating between feelings of expansive empowerment to feelings of despair and unworthiness. This is a control system that divides us. It is a huge deception, and is an invisible prison cell with invisible bars, presenting itself as so-called freedom, or the spiritual bypass of declaring “…this is just the way it’s been, and will always be… We’ll just make the best of it by ignoring it, otherwise, if we give it any attention we will create more of it.”

This is BULLSHIT! We must all face our shadows and past traumas and examine our beliefs!

The Truth is we are Divine Love—physical expressions of God/Goddess/All-That-Is. No one person is more worthy or valuable than another.

It’s one thing to Wake Up to the truth of who and what we are as Infinite Loving Awareness and Consciousness having a human experience, and quite another to embody this, given all the constraints and distractions and divisiveness bombarding us on a moment to moment basis. We are being asked to be courageous and remain conscious at all costs, especially when we’re triggered and make the conscious choice to stay present, rather than lose our proverbial shit.

Remember: New Age Deception and New Age Bullshit Tenets are just two additional religious constructs that promotes Spiritual Egoism:

•“I’m more enlightened than that person because I’ve transcended all my negative emotions like anger—I’m so above it all now.”

•“If you focus on your traumas you’ll just manifest more, just focus on what you want, ignore your past, ignore your triggers—it’s all good.”

•“I’m just going to focus on my life—my wants, my needs, my job, my benefits, my money, my family, my house, my car, my stuff, my me, me, me, and me—world events have nothing to do with me.”

•“As long as I feel good all the time—that’s what counts.”

•“I’ll just OM-out in my safe, happy place, now that I’ve left all that dark, negativity in the city.”

•“The positive ET’s are on their way to save us all.”

…and I’m sure you can come up with plenty of your own New Age sewage and platitudes.

There is a huge misconception about Spiritual Awakening—that once you’re awake your life will be perfect on all levels—you’ll have perfect love, perfect relationships, perfect prosperity with lots of money, the perfect body (and cellulite-free butt), and perfect health, and never ever get sick or have an argument with your lover ever again; and if you do, you’re NOT awake—you’re doing something wrong, you’re not spiritual enough.

I am not of fan of any kind of hierarchy, or gurus—they are dangerous and deceptive, and set us all up to be dis empowered, continually drained of our Divine energies, and take away our autonomy.

Do not be fooled. Clearly, just like religion, the New Age Movement is just another mind-control program that sets us up for failure every single time with these ridiculous notions that are NOT real and NOT attainable, let alone sustainable, because it all requires our complicity, cooperation, and relinquishment of personal responsibility whilst serving up our Divine energies as their food.

We’ve been tricked and deceived by the entrepreneurs of Instant Spiritual Enlightenment who are devoted to profiting from our desperate seeking of Truth, Love, and Beauty. They make promises that cannot be kept, and then blame us for failing if their programs don’t reap the benefits/profits they promised.

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