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Our Perception Managed Reality

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Spiritual Enlightenment is NOT a business; it is our True Divine Nature.

We are taking back our power and reclaiming our Sovereignty.

We are getting hip to the fact that we are THE FREE ENERGY SOURCE in the UNIVERSE because of our inherent creative Divine nature—and our ability to create our own respective realities.

We are all here to create FORMLESS into FORM.

We are NOT here to be enslaved, repressed, suppressed, or controlled by some self-proclaimed authority that harnesses our collective creative energies for their bottom line agendas and profits.

We are re-aligning with Natural Law and questioning man-made laws that seem to be subjugating humanity, demeaning our dignity, and enslaving us through our unconsciousness, greed, emotional triggers, and addictions.

We are easily seduced by having our desires and repulsions, wants and needs, fears and dreams used against us. Many of us unwittingly become gatekeepers and accomplices for the powers-that-wanna-be and their misuse of occult practices. Much of the false New Age movement brings forth incomplete information (like the movie The Secret) that purposely withholds vital information necessary in successfully implementing certain spiritual principles such as The Law of Attraction and the Laws of Manifestation.

Our Creative-Sexual Energies are the most powerful energies available. It’s no surprise so many of us are frustrated and stymied creatively; we are programmed to believe that our ideas, dreams, creative pursuits, and artist ventures are useless or frivolous. Is it any wonder that throughout history and continuing on this very moment—sexual violence, rape, torture, human sex slavery/trafficking, and pedophilia are dare-I-say multiple hundred billion dollar (perhaps more) businesses, secretly sanctioned by the elite, perpetuated by greed and apathy? Is it any wonder why the war of the sexes still rages on? Why the sex industry and porn proliferates? Why men and women are so unfulfilled chasing one temporary orgasm or relationship after another? Even virtual violence and sex abuse depicted in video games generates emotional-energetic intensity that is ready to be used.

All unconscious sexual energy and dysfunction are huge energy sources for the powers-that-wanna-be to tap into and harvest. Like living-dead zombies, much of humanity falls in line on cue. Our behaviours and reactions are predictable. It is vital that every one of us clears and heals all sexual trauma and dysfunction in order to be more aware and conscious about how to run and manage our sexual energy, which is the same as our creative energy.

I believe each and every one of us is here to contribute our special gift/talent as an offering to the whole of humanity and our planet’s well-being.

Ask yourSelf the following questions:

•Who are we?

•Are we alone?

•Who am I?

•What is my purpose?

•How did we get here?

•Am I going crazy, or is the world insane?

•Who is in charge of the world? The Planet?

•Why are we so divisive?

•Why is there so much suffering and selfishness in the world?

•What is the true Nature of Reality?

•What does it mean to be spiritually awake?

•Okay, I’m spiritually awake, now what?

•What does it mean to live from my heart?

•How can I serve humanity?

•What is the Nature of Creativity?

•… and many, many more questions

Why is it important for you to understand The Nature of Reality?

In this great time of awakening, in addition to WAKING UP to the Truth of who and what we are as Infinite Loving Awareness and Consciousness having a human experience—we are also WAKING UP to the fact that our “normal” reality is actually being manipulated by the insidious powers-that-wanna-be.

When I first came upon this information in 1987 about the powers-that-wanna-be, I did not want to believe what I was discovering and feeling. Any mention of conspiracy theories in hushed, whispered tones, were met with skepticism, ridicule, and threats of mental incarceration. I kept my mouth shut. It’s interesting to footnote here that during this time I was being downloaded during dreamtime with the step-by-step directions of the energy healing modality I was divinely given “stewardship” to. Everyone at that time was immersed in their respective yuppiedom, then the Harmonic Convergence—the very first globally synchronized meditation happened in August 16-17, 1987, which interestingly enough, coincided with an exceptional astrological alignment of the Sun, Moon and six planets (August 24, 1987) forming part of a Grand Trine in which they were aligned in apexes of an equilateral triangle when viewed from our Earth!

These cosmic events were followed by the Stock Market Crash of October 19, 1987. At that time, I was 27, a science geek, budding numerologist, involved in life insurance sales, and expressing my creative Self through writing and performing my own music, and as a hired musician. These events lead me to deep listening and initiated the complete breakdown of the veils of my perception.

In understanding Our Perception-Managed Reality and the Nature of Reality, we are decoding waveform information (aka our environment) through all 7 of our Senses in our Sensual-Sensorial World:

1. Sight

2. Smell

3. Sound

4. Taste

5. Touch

6. Intuition

7. Divine Masculine Principle of Gifting-Giving / Divine Feminine Principle of Receiving

I am absolutely certain that the consensus 5 Senses Reality is an actual program hack into our Divine template that allows us to forget, down-step, and dumb down our Divine nature, and disconnect from our 6th sense, our INTUITION, and also have us forget our heart-felt, innate generosity in our 7th Sense of Gifting-Giving—the Divine Masculine or Active Principle, and our ability to Receive—the Divine Feminine or Receptive Principle.

The Divine Masculine is NOT a man; nor is the Divine Feminine a woman. This separation maintains gender separation inherent in war and conflict. Because our senses are vulnerable to being distorted by past traumas and conditioning, and purposeful manipulation and control by the powers-that-wanna-be, decoding the waveform information of our environment can be TRICKY.

Our environment is often filled with controls and toxic substances that prevent our brains from functioning optimally. Plus, we are conditioned from Day 1 of our lives to defer to hard science for PROOF. If we can’t see it, smell it, hear it, taste it, or touch it—then it doesn’t exist. Of course, this absurd generalisation reflects our ignorance. Often, we deny our intuition and ignore our hearts, but tune in and realise that our perception is largely managed by the powers-that-wanna-be.

When you realise that fluoride in our drinking water, GMOed foods, toxic substances in the air that we breathe, unnecessary vaccinations, and constant exposure to electromagnetic fields and techie toys—can and do affect our whole brain function and our nervous system—you start to connect the dots and truly see the insidious nature of our purposeful distorted reality.

It is vitally important that we educate our Selves by understanding the Nature of Reality, thus creating a foundation from which we can begin to connect the dots. The powers-that-wanna-be are counting on us to remain asleep at the wheel of our lives.

I thank you with all my heart for your willingness to face the totality of human experience. Please pay what you’ve learned forward.

Love & Blessings,



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