Tara Marino, Review

Elegant Femme Founder and Creator  
Reviews F'd Wide Open: The Rude Awakening of the Heart-Based New Humanity 


Tara Marino of Elegant Femme Reviews F'd Wide Open, by Author Marja West.

“To attempt to justify the necessity of this book to all humans would undermine the power that it truly possesses, this book is being called for you to receive.  Receive in the depths of what love truly has to offer, detached from expectations, free from obligation, this book speaks to the core of a divine being having a human experience.  Marja West speaks of a truth so bright, so illuminating that your soul will
feel the very essence of itself being heard.  If you have the desire to truly live, truly LOVE...this work will find its way to you.”—Tara Marino, Founder of Elegant Femme and creator of The Power of Sensuality. www.ThePowerofSensuality.com


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Fd Wide Open Rude Awakening of the Heartbased New Humanity Book by Marja West

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