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The How-to-Go From Victim to Victorious... Blog!

Does sifting through #FakeNews and searching for #Sanity keep you awake at night? Did you spend countless hours trying to figure out *How To* get to the bottom of the #Kavanaugh issue and other Divide & Conquer agendas while dealing with your #Grief and keeping your Mind Body and Soul intact? 

Me, your Blogger and Way-Shower Marja West, willing to go into a forest with a clown rather than watch the news anymore! LOL!! :D

With a divinely wicked Sense of Humour, and speaking directly from my own Life Experience, and as a wielder of Balanced Energy Mastery, I cozy up to and tackle the biggest problems we are facing in the world right now: Those issues you and I are facing everyday with our Emotions, our Thoughts & Beliefs, our Bodies, our Energies & Stamina, our Love Lives - These are REAL PROBLEMS that have solutions... And the SOLUTIONS to real life stuff (the Good, the Bad, the Ugly, the Beautiful, the Alchemical, Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical, Sensual, Sexual, Creative, Magical, Expressive, Psychological, Psychic, Relational, Truthful... and the Love... I humbly share right here!


In this Quick How-To Practical Tips Blog about Being Spiritually Awake and Staying Awake, you are going to experience and get

my monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily advice on everything from the Law of Attraction, to Waking up and STAYING AWAKE - And how to tell the difference between that and simply calling yourself "Woke" (yup, I will clearly explain the hijacking of this hot topic, catch New Age Bullshit phrase-turned political rantings, and the folly of folks misusing this phrase completely unconsciously, watering down its potent meaning and medicine via common use, and what this watering down is doing to people who use it unconsciously). 


How to Wake up and Stay Woke

The constant bombardment of ongoing themes in our lives, where we're inundated by B.S. thrown at us from all sides, it's easy to expect it from CNN ABC and whatever Alphabet-Soup Media Flavour of the Week that is on YouTube or the boob tube. But when it comes from our partners, family members, co-workers, neighbours, and our immediate community--the waters become rough and tumble and tricky to navigate!


Want a Non-Click-Bait Non-New-Age Non-Woo-Woo Practical Go-To *How To* for your Mind? *How To* healing tips for Trauma Based Healing. Recovering from Sex Slavery. Figuring your Way out of the Darkness. Empowering your Divine Consciousness. Mastering your Energy. Expressing your Creativity. Opening to Love. And so much more. You've found the place where I share with you all my knowledge and hard won wisdom for *How To* evolve from Victim to Victorious - Keep Coming Back for More!


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